Inside Outside All Day Day Care

The Art School, November 2017

What happens when you leave for uni in the morning and come back at night, in the in-between hours when the flat is empty and quiet and house plants are left, abandoned and at a loose end of things to watch or do?

How would a solution to this daily timetabled isolation function?

A day care of sorts. An all day day care for those forgotten plants. A place to bring them where they can spend some time amongst their peers, share common water, hear common sounds and gain a swanky new home in return.

pot for Symmetrical Susan
pots for Joey and Talula  

Over the period of two days, people were welcomed to bring along their beloved houseplants to Project Space 1 in the Art School where pots were fashioned in close connection with each individual; a collaboration between nature and clay.

Each pot was designed to suit the ‘personality’ of the individual plant, and was returned to participants at upon firing.

An exhibition culminated the day care, where all houseplants and new pots were displayed alongside one another; a class presentation for proud parents to come and see what their little ones had been up to.

Paula (Pea) Doherty © Paula Doherty 2018